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Lead generation

Media Buying

Traffic of CoD offers is the easiest to convert to leads. Approval is the consent of the purchase, but not the actual payment for the goods. The client fills in a simple short form and confirms his intentions to the call center operator.

Campaign Management

Leads Generation is the ultimate goal of online marketing.

  • Generating high quality leads that turn into conversions is the main service we offer our clients.
  • It takes a few things to have the ability to generate quality traffic, and we've mastered them all.
  • Real-time statistics for tracking leads
  • Personal manager and support 24/7
our advantages in practice.

Media Buying is our main method to provide you with the goods.

  • Our experience in the field of media buying, along with the special techniques we developed with time, this is what gives us the edge over other traffic suplliers.
  • Our main model for media buying is to work with big volumes.
  • Working with big volumes allows us to do the campaign optimizations more effectively, and therefore to deliver you significantly better results over time.

Let us take care of you.

FxAds always get more!
We will maintain all the aspects of running your campaigns, from budget through strategies to execution. You can stay focused on doing your job and relax, while we provide you with all of your marketing essentials.
Social Media Marketing? Sure thing. Google or Search Engines advertising? Not a problem. We offer diverse solutions to meet each of your campaign needs, and to ultimately help you fully reach your campaign's goals and potential.


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CPA Partners Hub means well-established business processes from production to implementation and logistics:
Large partners network in Europe, USA, Asia and CIS
More than 300 managers who are available 24/7
Our own production. Certified products in Europe
Yevhenii Mykytenko
fxads CEO

About CPA Hub

At this stage we have a huge desire and motivation to change a situation in the CPA market, using our stack of technologies, opportunities and experience.

A huge desire and motivation to change the situation in the CPA market moves us forward

That's what inspired us to create the first in the world CPA community, namely CPA Partners Hub. This means that it's a certain center responsible for all aspects of interaction, which protects both our partners and customers. This allows us to concentrate completely on the market, so our partners may not worry about their reputation and ROI (return on investments).

The basis for the CPA Hub were the innovations, which helped build a productive interaction with the partners.

We deployed the resources to stimulate their growth, helping with localization and targeting. As a results, they are able to create more effective advertising strategies and easily scalable ad campaigns leveraging all available communication channels.

Constant consultations provided by our account managers help us achieve all of the above mentioned. The majority of them are the residents of the country where the products are provided. So, for example, if you are doing business in Italy, you will get a full information about all possible communication channels in this geo, and up to different slangs and mentallity in this region.

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Yevhenii Mykytenko
CEO fxads
Our mission —
is to develop the global
CPA market & we can't do
without some fresh blood :)
Team of fxads
head of development department
head of affiliate management department
affiliate manager
affiliate manager
Realtime statistics & a huge set of tools for deep analysis
Integration via API
Calls detalization (comments, amount of calls, etc)
Extensive system of analytics
Domain Parking
Global PostBack
Banners rotator
Possibility to upload own creatives, landing and transit pages
Multilingual system
Built-in protection against fraud and duplicates
Instant payouts everyday
Earn with us,
get t-coins*
and change them for
guaranteed gifts
No lottery.
No time limits.
Aircraf Flightdesign CT
Macbook Pro Touch 2.9 Ghz 512GB
Sony PlayStation 4 Pro - 1TB

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